Do I need to credit The Coding Vixen when using the coding snippets? Credit isn’t necessary, but is appreciated! Sharing the name of the website helps get the word out about it. The goal of the coding snippets is to serve as a base or starting point for coding as you learn and grow and develop your skills, but it also ok to use exactly as-is – it’s what they’re there for!

Can I add text to the free images and graphics? Sure! As long as the credits stay intact (as per HP rules) – go nuts with your typography. Tip: Googling ‘free fonts’ will lead you to a plethora of sites to download a huge variety of typefaces.

Can I edit the free layouts? You most definitely can! Play around with as many elements as you can, pick it apart, and rebuild it in new ways – or if that’s a little too intimidating right now, of course you can use them as-is.

Can I submit a freebie or tutorial for the site? Yes, please do!! We would love to have as many collaborators and contributors as possible. Send a message to Vixen (#35) on Horse Phenomena or email

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